Hand Stamped Family Block

Hand Stamped Family Block

    This unique four sided Family Block can hold up to 4 names (Each name can be a maximum of 8 letters in our cursive font (shown) or 11 letters in our modern font). Perfect gift for a large family or someone that wants to have the Mom or Dad name on the block with the children.

    Please allow 7 business days for custom stamping.
    Price $42.95
    Product Code: HS1579
    Add First Side Text. (Max letters; 8 cursive, 11 modern):
    Add Second Line Text ($10):
    Add Third Line Text ($10):
    Add Fourth Line Text ($10):
    Choose Font Style:
    Exclusive Modern
    Select Necklace:
    Black Suede ($4)
    16" Sterling Beaded ($18)
    18" Sterling Beaded ($20)
    16-18" Sterling Silver Plated ($10)
    20" Sterling Beaded ($24)

    Gift Wrap $4.98 each item
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